About Jean Alexander

Jean Alexander®, Inc. is owned and operated by the Scioscia family which began working in the professional hair care industry over 80 years ago. In 1923, Oreste Scioscia Sr. pioneered his own Nu Vita and Reveille product lines and formed the Nu Vita Products Company and the North Side Beauty and Barber Supply in Pittsburgh, PA. Oreste’s development of a unique sterilization product for barber tools, called Anti Spor, was essential in stopping skin-related epidemics in the 1930’s.

His son, Joseph Scioscia Sr., carried the business forward to form Roffler Industries, for which he served as CEO from its inception in 1968 until 1981. During that time he took the company public (1972), established Framesi USA, and imported a variety of exclusive French lines, European styling tools and salon equipment.

In the late 1980’s, Joseph formed Jean Alexander, based in Pittsburgh, PA, where he and several of his children now carry on the tradition of manufacturing high-quality, professional hair and skin care products. The family is proud to provide unbeatable service and top-performing products not found in mass markets.