Decolorizing Powders

Jean Alexander Decolorizing Powder

Enjoy the most gentle lightening process, on or off scalp, that leaves hair with a fine, soft texture. Jean Alexander Decolorizing Powders are ideal whether removing old artificial color or lifting hair up to 7 levels with no structural damage. Available in white or blue, these powders are distinguished by their exceptional conditioning modifiers. Combine either powder with an Ultra-Developer® to protect the cuticle and keep hair in the best condition possible! Jean Alexander Decolorizers work quickly without drying out, swelling or leaving behind any residue.

Sonic White and Sonic Blue Decolorizing PowdersSONIC™ Decolorizing Powders are faster and more effective than most powders on the market. Available in white or blue, these are Jean’s original formulas, brought back by popular demand! Sonic White & Blue are available in economic tubs or convenient, travel-size packets. Sonic Blue helps to neutralize any yellowing in the hair.

Sonic SoftSonic™ Soft is an amazing, new Decolorizing Powder that is FREE of Ammonia and ammonium salts which can cause allergic reactions. Incredibly gentle, Sonic Soft quickly lifts up to 6 levels without damage while leaving beautiful tones. The smooth consistency of the powder eliminates dust. Natural ingredients, including Rice Starch and Guar Gum, keep hair soft. Best suited for medium/light bases and medium/fine hair.

Dust Free Blue Decolorizing PowderDUST-FREE BLUE Decolorizing Powder gives steady, consistent results every time while keeping the air free of dust. The Blue Powder helps to neutralize any yellowing in the hair.