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The Truth about Healthy Hair

Do you know that your hair is over 96% protein? Nothing is more beneficial for hair than protein! The irony is that most hair care products are still formulated with very small quantities of “common” protein. Natural plant extracts, vitamins and herbs may benefit your scalp but they will not benefit or protect your hair.

Jean Alexander designs and manufactures its own therapeutic protein to power its professional products. These exclusive Proteins by Design™ vary by size, type and function to fill the different (protein) deficiencies that occur. Links of hair protein that are destroyed should be replaced. The size and location of the missing link is best served by a particular size and type of protein. The end result is clearly improved styling and healthier hair!

By using the cleansing, conditioning and styling products in combination, various Proteins by Design™ interlock and reinforce one another for maximum replenishment and precision styling. You will not find this protein therapy available from any other manufacturer.