Color Splash

Splash makes it easy to dress up hair color for a special event or refresh faded color until client’s next service. This fast coloring conditioner strengthens hair with Keratin protein while depositing gorgeous color and lots of shine that lasts at least 2 to 3 washings and up to 2 weeks on highlighted hair. Splash contains no ammonia or hydrogen peroxide. Each shade offers particular benefits in addition to leaving hair nourished, softened and easy to comb.

Tuscan Moon™ (for levels 9-10)

Perfect to neutralize any gold on levels 9 or 10

Brightens any flat platinum color

Removes yellow cast in gray hair

Red Alert™ (for levels 1-6)

Creates a soft, red cellophane effect on levels 3 - 4

Refreshes WARM highlights (pre-lightened hair) on a brunette base

Refreshes any COOL red color up to level 6, especially faded ends

Copper Coral™ (for levels 4-7)

Best on light brunette to medium blonde hair (levels 5 – 7)

Creates a gorgeous strawberry blonde effect on pre-lightened hair, i.e. light brown base with medium blonde highlights

Creates beautiful warmth on brunette base or strawberry cast on blondes

Refreshes any COPPER red color, especially faded ends

Gold Rush™ (for levels 4-9)

Adds or increases a golden cast to any light blonde hair

Freshens dull, medium brown hair (levels 4 – 5)

Brightens any dull, flat color with a strong gold effect

Cappuccino (for levels 4-7)

Enriches medium brunette to dark blonde hair (levels 4-6)

Increases warmth and shine / brightens pigment

Blends fresh highlights (pre-lightened hair) on a brunette base