Snap - Color Stains Disappear

Now available — the most effective product to remove heavy color stains absorbed at the hair line. Snap® works with special reducing micro-crystals in a rich cream that doesn’t run and leaves a fresh, clean feeling. Highly concentrated, each 120 ml tube gives you over 100 applications. Snap is the professional way to finish a color service. Nothing works better!


"I loved it, worked very well. I've shared with some of my friends as well."
Kirsten Anderson, Empire Beauty School, Manitowoc WI

"I really love it! It's been my go-to color remover. It's caused a few problems in the salon though... Every stylist wants Snap! (And I'm the only one that has one.)"
Donna Reed, Fresno CA

"It works great. It has a bit of a funny odor, but other than that, it's a miracle in a tube."
Frances, Hopewell Junction NY

"I really like the performance of Snap Color-Stain Remover, and so do my Dark Haired Clients. It has really been doing well."
LuAnn Hedin, SophistiCut Salon, San Diego CA